We provide convenient sessions via HIPAA-compliant video to clients who are residing in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho (effective July 1, 2022), Illinois, Indiana (effective July 1, 2022), Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington State (effective June 9, 2022), West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
(Additional states to be added in the future.)

Multi-state licensure allows excellent continuity of care when you travel or relocate.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation and Monitoring of OCD

This will include an evaluation of all OCD symptoms and severity levels. Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS) will be used in addition to an intake interview. Other OCD assessment measures may also be used depending upon OCD presentation. Throughout treatment we will periodically monitor treatment progress by completing additional Y-BOCS.


Individual Therapy

NSO provides the perfect opportunity for personalized treatment. Usual session length is 55 or 30 minutes.


Intensive Outpatient Therapy

We provide flexible options for intensive outpatient therapy. At a minimum this could be as little as an extended 1.5-hour session one time or two 55-minute sessions within a week. Intensive outpatient therapy could also be as much as up to 8 hours in a day and/or up to 5 sessions in a week. Most intensive outpatient therapy involves a schedule somewhere in-between and we will tailor intensive therapy to fit your needs, schedule and budget. These intensive sessions have been very successful for clients and may require less total hours overall in treatment as the gains are greater.



We offer therapy for clients who are not yet ready to take the plunge into treatment. Many clients or their loved ones want a session(s) to get a sense of what ERP treatment is all about. It can be an important step to determining whether further sessions are right for you or your loved one.


Individualized Treatment Planning

A specific treatment plan will be developed for each client based upon initial assessment. As treatment progresses, this treatment plan will continue to be thoughtfully adjusted, as recommended by clinician and as desired by client.


Client Education on OCD

We provide comprehensive education on OCD and OCD treatment based on the client’s prior knowledge and needs. OCD education is essential in helping you take charge of your treatment and contributes greatly to treatment effectiveness and efficiency.

Between-Session Planning

Much of the important work you will do will take place between sessions. During session we will carefully plan your between-session goals and how to overcome any potential obstacles that arise.


Maintenance Therapy and Relapse Prevention

Our goal is always to keep OCD in full-remission long-term. We will create a plan for you to come in periodically to maintain your treatment gains and prevent a relapse of symptoms. Should a relapse occur, we are always here to help and you are always welcome back.


Parent/Spouse/Family Sessions

Involving loved ones in session can be very helpful and comforting to our clients. The actions done by those close to our clients can either help decrease OCD symptoms or may unintentionally reinforce compulsions thereby making the OCD worse. It is important that loved ones understand how they can be supportive to the client while not accommodating the OCD.


Consultation with Client’s Other Clinicians and Psychiatrists

We are able to collaborate with other mental health professionals the client is seeing to ensure the client’s total needs are met.


Community Outreach

We are passionate about helping as many people as possible find relief from their OCD symptoms. To accomplish this we provide helpful education on OCD and OCD treatment to the community including physicians, psychiatrists, other mental health professionals, schools and service organizations.


Referral Recommendations

We will gladly provide referrals for client needs including: clinicians, psychiatrists (medication), intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs and residential programs.


Professional Consultation

We are available for consultation with other professionals in the field. This includes consulting on the professional’s specific OCD cases and/or consulting on the latest and most-effective treatment methods for OCD.